Who We Are

Transforming Education, Imparting the Next Generation

eDuBoost is a social enterprise which aims to position ICT as the focal point of education in Ghana, using ICT as a tool to address the broader education issue. Our programme involves working directly with teachers and students to provide training and build capacity for using technology to drive learning. We build and regularly maintain a technology center equipped with computers, AC units, projectors, e-course content and internet. We provide training for teachers using the center, and we also provide a team member to train, supervise and assist students in using the Center for independent assignments.

We are on a Mission

Providing school management software and IT platform for all our target schools in Ghana



Our mission is to offer premium IT products and services to improve teaching, learning and management of educational institutions in Africa



Our vision is to equip the next generation of Africa’s youth with the right tools to harness the enormous opportunities in technology.



We value Leadership, innovation, diversity and inclusion which are anchored on Creativity, Professionalism and Satisfaction.